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Rainforests for Beginners by Naomi Rosenblatt

(1992, Writers & Readers, Inc.) 


My Monk: A Typographic Novel by Elizabeth Dembrowsky with Claire E. Keys

(2009, Heliotrope Books)

Botany, Ballet and Dinner from Scratch by Leda Meredith

(2008, Heliotrope Books)

Body Clutter: Love Your Body, Love Yourself by Marla Cilley and Leanne Ely

(2005, A Fireside Book, Simon and Schuster)

Sink Reflections: FlyLady’s BabyStep Guide to Overcoming CHAOS by Marla Cilley

(2002, Bantam Books)

Sex for Beginners by Erroll Selkirk

(1988, Writers & Readers, Inc.)

Virginia Woolf for Beginners by Aaron Rosenblatt

(1988, Writers & Readers, Inc.)

Zen for Beginners by Judith Blackstone and Zoran Josipovic

(1986, Writers & Readers Inc.; 2007, For Beginners LLC)



Inside Ballet Technique: Separating Anatomical Fact from Fiction in the Ballet Class by Valerie Grieg

(1994, A Dance Horizons Book, Princeton Book Company)

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